I haven't logged on since... for ever. If not for an email from LJ that informed me that my paid account has been extended as a show of appreciation on their side, I'd probably completely not log on today either. It's just that, 2016 started off hopeful but busy and went down the drain pretty fast. Then it is 2017 already, hopefully, this year will not end up worse than the previous one. One can only hope.


I just read this on NPR, which means the chance of it being true is pretty high. So instant noodle is the new prison currency now. I cannot help but picture Dean holding up packs of instant noodle instead of cigarettes and acting all cocky.... that would be too funny.

Big_bang 2016 reading list

I really liked this , fugitive Jensen and high school kid Jared story although it feels like the story should be longer.

I enjoyed this serial killer AU story a lot.

This story is one of the few stories that I read that is written in first person narrative. I kind of have developed a hate-love, or is it love-hate relationship with the story. It had felt so real that the fate of one main characters terrified me. Then there is hope. And then there is the end of the story. I don't know if I love-hate or hate-love this story, I just need to see the plot resolved, even if it is just one paragraph in a completely irrelevant story. I need it.

This is the most fun story that I have read this year. J3 are just my cup of tea, and the storyline is just plain fun.


I did not realize the last episode was actually (half) a Bobby and Rufus hunting together episode! So happy!!

What I Have Been Doing

So, I found a new show to fan. Nirvana in Fire is a drama that sets in ancient China, and it is the most Chinese show that I have seen since the 87's Red Mansion Dream. The visuals of the show are stunning, the plot is not too bad, and the guys and girls are really pretty. And there were 4 hugs and about as many times of holding hands, but the best love story that I have seen on screen for years.

Yeah, fanning it hard.