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big happy family my arse

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Good Omens Again

Either Erick Kripe or Ben Edlund or the both of them, come to think of it, maybe even Carver, are fans of the book.

There is Crawley, who was an angel, and sauntered downward to reside in Hell. He didn't want the apocalypse. His counter part,  Aziraphale, didn't want that either. And Aziraphale was a somewhat uptight book seller. The show dynamics between the four horseman are somewhat a copy of the book, where Death is sort of a one man club, and superior to the rest of them.

The antichrist, a pre-teen boy who was overimaginative could make things happen by thinking them. Of course the antichrist had much an easier time than anyone on show, but, he did stop the apocalypse because he loved his hometown more than world domination. Then the four horseman started the apocalypse by vanishing electricity; and, get this, Pepper also thought the Metatron was Megatron. Pepper was a preteen girl, with messy hair. So, in conclusion, Sam was actually a preteen girl......

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dimeliora May 31st, 2013
You know this is amusing, because one of my big bangs is an SPN Good Omens crossover. :)

All I have to do is finish writing it and apparently beg someone to do art.

Also, Good Omens is so awesome. Just so awesome!!

fourtenpm June 1st, 2013
hi, which bang is this?

dimeliora June 1st, 2013
The bigbang-mixup. It starts with a soundtrack. :D

fourtenpm June 1st, 2013
you have a posting date?

I'm so behind on reading. but.

dimeliora June 1st, 2013
August? They haven't given me a day yet. :)

dime_for_12 May 31st, 2013

Second, your conclusion is factually sound >:D

Third, hi! It's been quite a while, hope you're doing well :)

fourtenpm June 1st, 2013
omg, she lives! sorry, I just wanted to say this to someone for so long.....

Good omens is fun to read, even if Sam came out as a preteen girl.

Same old here, did the K tour at local public school this morning, my boy is starting K coming September, and he is going to be tested to see if he has to take ESL, since my household is bi-lingual, and the way I am trying to keep him. That, made me think of you. How are you and your career as a tester doing? and your cats, dogs and ferrets? How fare them?

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