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big happy family my arse

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A word with the weather and BigBang reading

Not that I don't appreciate the cool temperature, but pls. pick a season and stick with it.

Bigbang started and I am already behind, but I finished this delightful story of The Epic Love Story of Jensen Tentackles and Farmboy!Jared. The plot is smart, very smart, I might say; and emotions run true. And there are a lot of emotions there, not all of them happy ones.

The raven is a solid case!fic. The inspiration is rather cool.

I am at the first chapter/prologue of The Witch is Dead. By the look of it, it's going to be another solid case!fic. Them witches in the first chapter are very creepy. eta., a very good horror fic.

I am very much very intrigued by Paper Trail. I skimmed over it, looks like it's arranged like LA Confidential, with actual letters/evaluation forms inserted in the progression of the story. eta., I like the idea of the fic better than the execution of it.

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coyotesuspect June 19th, 2013
Thanks for the recs! I finally have time to sit down and read bigbangs, so it's good to have an idea of where to start. My roommate did the art for The Witch Is Dead, so I'm particularly looking forward to that one.

fourtenpm June 19th, 2013
really? I forgot if I commented on her art post, but pls. do tell her that the piece is so cool, and creepy, in the best way!

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