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big happy family my arse

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Big_bang reading

Because I am reading extraordinarily slowly this year, I am just going to post about what I have read as I go.

So, I just finished The Sum of Our Parts (AO3 link, because work is still being a prick and blocking dreamwidth and lots of lj journals). This is a D/C AU story, set in a very distant future where bionic limbs and internal organs are for a price. The war has ended, leaving its many scars in the wake. Castiel is ex-military, working on a base, and Dean is a tech guy with a rebelling streak. They fall for each other. This story is... well written is such an understatement. I like the characterization of Castiel, that he is awkward in social interactions, mostly due to his history rather than anything else. For a story where Sam only appears for like 10 minutes, it has such an accurate Sam voice. Anyway, the author knows her characters so well, not only the main ones, but also minor ones, Kevin, Benny, Jody, and Naomi, just to name a few.