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big happy family my arse

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Puppy Dog Eyes

The baby, who pretty soon shouldn't be called the baby anymore, has puppy dog eyes. In a lot of ways he is like a puppy, particularly the way he still thinks anything on the floor tastes so much better than anything in his bowl. But, he does have those eyes, especially when pleading his case. He is not getting much out of it just yet, because he hasn't learned to keep looking, but threw a temper tantrum after the look fails to do the job, which makes descipline so much easier. I wonder how well I will fare once he figures out how to wield his power of puppy dog eyes properly.

The baby started daycare when he was just a little meatball, well, a pretty big little meatball; now he runs around screeching laughter. One afternoon, one of his teachers took a look at that and exclaimed: they grow up so fast! the other one huffed a reply: Understatement of the decade! Indeed. Pretty soon he will graduate from the baby to the son, then to the big boy and then the young man. I hope we can develop an easy relationship like my boss with his kids. ah, well, I am thinking too much.

Side note, hubby landed a job that requires him to wear a suit and tie. I will bite my tongue off before I tell him that he looks quite handsome in those outfits, and not like a bouncer.

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dime_for_12 March 20th, 2010
aw, he sounds adorable :D

and it's true, my three nieces have gotten so big so fast, and they seem to constantly change. I guess I got spoiled, because they lived with me for so long and now they're not, and I know I'm going to miss seeing a lot of the transformations still to come.

It's like a blink of an eye and you've gone from lil sweet faced baby to an independent scream machine LOL

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