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big happy family my arse

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Two Fics

I have read the prequel of this J3 hot sexy fic, so of course I've been waiting for this one to come out. And man, what a great fic! This fic doesn't stop at porn, it actually deals with the relationships more than the sex. Jensen and JDM are both afraid of losing something, and Jared is just plain afraid, which was pretty much matter of course when one is 18 and so close to getting the thing that he wants. The author mentioned that this could turn into a 'verse, which I'd be so intrigued to see, how the relationship pan out. Because Jared is only 18.... anyway, the possibility is multiple, and each one of them could be great or angsty.

Beneath the Red Hills is a really cool case!fic, seems like we have quite a few good case!fics already this year. It's really well-written and riveting. However, I found myself not agreeing with the premise of the fic, namely Sam got so pissed that he ditched Dean for 5 years, without contact of any kind. And the reason for him to be so pissed was that Dean stopped the last trial. This doesn't ring true for me for Sam and Dean.
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