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big happy family my arse

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More Fics

Cicatirx is a very dark and very AU take on supernatural. Basically, Sam was kidnapped when he was 4, and raised in a circumstance where fight dogs are raised, more or less. I have no knowledge of how fight dogs are raised, only borrowing the abstract concept. He was rescued by FBI, local police and hunters, Dean being one of them. Anyway, there is a lot of heartbreak in there, and a happy ending. I liked it well enough, though I do wish the author would have dug into the feelings a little more, particularly, and I don't believe this is coming from me, that Dean's feelings of finding the last Winchester in that kind of shape. And I have minor issues with them in bed together. I know it is expected, but I was still hoping for it to not happen, because for Sam, in the fic, sex had little to do with intimacy; it's more something unpleasant that he had to endure or as a show of dominance.

Becomes a Monster is a compelling read. It is driven by the emotions of the main characters. I especially like this version of Amelia, smart and with a great sense of self-preservation. Sidenote, for a purgatory fic, it is a little weird that Castiel did not show up at all. I honestly did not notice it when I was reading the fic, though. So, I guess this fic is more for people who don't wonder where is Cas the first minute they read that Dean was out of purgatory.

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counteragent July 1st, 2013
haha, I never wondered where cas was in that fic either! LOL

fourtenpm July 1st, 2013
grin grin.

runedgirl July 2nd, 2013
Thanks for the rec! My last year's big bang had alot of Cas, so this year's just seemed to focus on Benny (and Amelia) and their interactions with Sam and Dean. I guess that is a little weird! LOL

fourtenpm July 4th, 2013
ah, well.... heeeee

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