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big happy family my arse

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Reading, ADHD version

yeah, I am reading a few fics at the same time, mostly because I wanted to check out the story when they came out, and couldn't put them away. So, in no particular order,

eat you alive is another fic that I have been waiting for. It's a werewolf fic, however, it's not like the werewolf fics in the fandom I've seen before. Werewolves are really described as a foreign species, with its own rules and way of life. I really like how the author wrote the teachers and student bodies. So rich in detail.

Together Like Devil and Sin is a road trip fic set in the prohibition era. I salute the author for her research into the time, 'cause man, it reads so authentic. And it makes me think of the Great Gatsby.

The Good Place is a good read so far (am finished part 3). But I might have problem later, because it looks like it turned religious, which is not my thing.

Redacted: Investigation Ongoing is a super fun read. Though it ends at a place where there should be more, and more is indeed promised by the author.

I'm at the first chapter of The Sake of Momentum. It looks like the kind of fic that I'd be thinking about obsessively for a while.
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