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big happy family my arse

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2 J2 fics

I don't think I've ever passed over any work of J2 rockband AU, and Yoko Ono’s Got Nothing on Jensen Ackles got that and, more, there is addict!Jared, well, not really drug addict, but alcoholic. It's like the author knew my secret cravings and wrote this fic for it. Of course there are a lot more substance to it. Well, it's a love story, first and foremost. And, what sold this story for me is all the emotions and inner struggles of the two. For some reason, Jared's self-destruct reads truer than Jensen of pure heart to me. Anyway, it's a good story, could use fewer 'baby boy' 'love', and maybe use 'then' for 'than' in a couple places, but it's a really touching moving story.

Then there is this pirate J2AU Black Jared and the Proper Molly, which is completely not my thing and somehow totally is. I like the way it's written, kind of formal, but not too formal. And the fact that everybody in the story is pretty much matter-of-factly a bad person, with no redeeming quality. It's a fascinating story.
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bt_kady July 15th, 2013
I've read Black Jared and the Proper Molly and loved it. I haven't read the other but plan to.

fourtenpm July 15th, 2013
This fic is really not my thing, I mean for starters, it gets bottom!Jensen, whereas I'm pretty much exclusively (almost but apparently not) bottom!Jared gal. But, from the beginning, I just couldn't turn away. And they are so casual about death and accepting of their doom, I am in awe of the author to have written these completely unsympathetic characters.

bt_kady July 15th, 2013
I'm quite comfortable with bottom Jensen so I enjoyed this fic a lot! This author is a favorite of mine anyway.

fourtenpm July 15th, 2013
yeah? I almost didn't start, then I noticed that I might have subscribed to her tumblr account. well, I think I'm gonna check more of her stuff out. I like her writing style.

bt_kady July 15th, 2013

amberdreams July 21st, 2013
I agree on the first one but couldn't get through the second - maybe because I really loved Tryfanstone's Boy in the Cherry Striped Dress and that has spoiled me for J2 pirate AUs... IDK.

Did you used to be norhaye (Sic) or something similar?

fourtenpm July 21st, 2013
yes, I used to be norahy. here is a little announcement

amberdreams July 21st, 2013
Oh good, I thought I was going a bit nuts when I saw your icon and a different name LOL
Also clearly my memory is dyslexic.

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