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big happy family my arse

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Nerd Squad Thing and a few more big_bang

Sounds like Jared is a really hands-on father, which makes me like him more. And what Jensen said about the crews moving the equipments and he was amazed reminded me of the one moment when I saw Manhattan skyline over from the Jersey side. I remember thinking back a couple hundred years, this was all forests and hills, now it is glimmering towers. And I felt very proud of being a human, a little guilty too, but mostly proud.

The devil is in the detail is a hot and steamy case!fic. A really fun read.

OK, my kink is twink!Jared, and Have Hatred and Gravity Won got that in spades and I really liked the story. It's a pretty dark story, in that both Jared and Jensen had done things that are pretty unforgivable. However, two year and a couple life times later, they still found themselves drawn to each other. It's a story of how two rugged pieces fitted together, and made each other whole, sort of.

Courting death is as good as everybody says it is, and probably better. Featuring Sam in glasses, lots of angst and a pretty happy ending.

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anniespinkhouse July 27th, 2013
Thank you for the rec, Mm, twink!Jared - you and me both! Looking forward to reading the other two too.

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