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big happy family my arse

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Big_bang bang bang

There is a hole in you and me is an AU story where Mary lived and grabbed Sam and run. Many many years later, Sam went to investigate a case in a camp where Dean worked, and the rest, as one can imagine, was history.

Signs and Limits, given necessary suspense of belief, is quite enjoyable. The racing is the thing that sold this fic for me.

The Beat of our Noisy Heart happened in a world of magic, where mending a broken heart meant literally mending a broken heart, with threads and metal and all. It is a great story, although Jared was a little too good to be true here.

Chemical bonding is completely utterly adorable. It centered on Gen making peace with her own status as an alpha girl. I really felt for her, you know, this sense of inadequacy and how she found her footing, it is really moving. And as a result, I dug up all the stories in this 'verse on AO3, they are all so so so very good. Oh, and the arts are amazing.

Legacy is a romance/action fic. First half is romance, and the rest action. I think the transition is a little abrupt, but it's really a great story.