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big happy family my arse

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I'm still reading

Chemistry is one of those fics that would make you smile that goofy smile all day long. and oh, how I wish they'd move to HBO. Sidenote, I had spend quite sometime trying to figure out the chemical compounds and reaction in the art, I have never even majored in chemistry, well biochemistry, but that is not really chemistry. Anyway, being a chemist daughter, some old habits die pretty hard.

Into my head is a surprise. I thought I'd just take a peek and see what's going on, and I never put it down. It's actually mostly an original story borrowing names and faces off the show SPN. At times, I thought the author kinda sorta idolized the life of the local people (basket weaving hippie, as the mom of my boy's little girlfriend would say), but overall, it's unbelievably believable. And the emotions of the characters were so true, and their journeys are moving. The thing that I appreciate the most is that the kids in this fic were cranky when they were tired, clingy when they were insecure, and rebellious when they felt like it. In another word, they were real life kids. There are some typos all over the place, but I guess that was because the author was running late.

Jared's ghost set in the warring part of Siri Lanka. Jared was a forensic pathologist, on a project of a humanity society, [fic plot behind]trying to figure out the identity of a skeleton, hence the name Jared's ghost in a sense he was chasing a ghost. This one drew me in, it's a compelling story.

Legacy is a romance/action story. The first part is teen romance, the next action. It's a great story, fast paced and sweet, just wish the transition from romance to action is more fluid.
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