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big happy family my arse

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[I think I liked it]It's not as angsty as the first episode of the season. Though I had to laugh at Abaddon regenerating her vessel with perfect makeup but no clothes. Yeah, right.

Gotta say for a busy hunter like Dean, he sure catch up with the current movie scene. I like how he cannot look Ezekiel in the face when he talks to him. I'm still liking Ezekiel though.

The reason why I like Ezekiel is, partly, due to the fact that that is also the name of the hero in one of my favourite book series. In that series, his name was shortened to Easy, not Zeke. Zeke though is more verbal about the love thing than the both of the Winchesters put together then multiply by like 10 thousands. The broken wings effect is pretty nice, but not loving the blue shiny eyes.

Sam says/claims that he is happy and life is good in for ever, with that creepy ass background music, doesn't bode well for the future.