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big happy family my arse

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[The plot thickens]
1, I thought they've established that one cannot kill death, and its representative, the reapers. Apparently, with an angle blade, you can.

2, Dean, stop doing that skivvy thing like calling Zeke out and take over your brother when it suits you.

3, Dear Zeke, pls. pls. pls. be a good guy. I am holding on to hope with my teeth and fingernails. And am biting my nails for when the shit hit the fan.

4, The scene where they caught the first reaper was such a reenact of Bloodlust where they got Gorden.

5, Didn't Meg and Cas had a thing going? Ah well, they didn't get that far?

6, Why the new head angel has a Dick the head Leviathan vibe?

7, They are all so very very pretty. I cannot find it in myself to question the plot too hard.

In conclusion, I'm still looking forward to the next Tuesday.