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big happy family my arse

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[I think I like the dog episode better.]
It's not a bad episode, and I really like the bit where Kevin translated one nonunderstandable language into another. And man, Kevin stands up to Sam's shoulder! I'm happy that Zeke didn't show.

And man, that was a seriously pretty baby girl!

It's just kind of bland, and that what happened to the dead body in the woman's living room? And there is no way she wouldn't have seen a big sign drawn up in blood on her door. Hand wave plot hole.

If I care for Cas more, this is a very good episode. And I kind of hate Dean for saying that it's not Cas's fight any more, and he and Sam would take care of the angels.

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big_heart_june November 13th, 2013
If I care for Cas more, this is a very good episode

Exactly. And yes that baby girl was really really pretty.

fourtenpm November 13th, 2013
I actually liked the part when Cas was bonding with the baby, or rather, talking at her, about how confusing it is to be a human, with everything new. Yet, I got distracted by the baby girl.

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