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big happy family my arse

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I probably shouldn't have let it affect my enjoying the thing...

So, I was watching Elementary, and there is this episode involving a surgeon, where in a complicated surgery, he left a clamp behind in the patient. Then, he proceeded to use the angle of death in the hospital to murder the patient and save his career. Which, could happen. However, in my understanding, in a big surgery like that, the head surgeon doesn't open up the patient, nor does he sew them up. It's done by surgeons lower on the rung of the career ladder. And, there are nurses whose responsibility is to count gauze and clamps, so that there are as many at the end of the surgery as there are at the beginning, before they close the patient up.

Then, there is this fic I have been reading, where a drug company is contracting a professional to assassinate a doctor because he discovered an adverse effect of a drug the company has on market. And apparently, killing the doctor equals killing the research.... This, is not how research is done, especially clinical research, where the key figure who has all the data and evidences is probably the statistician.

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counteragent November 18th, 2013
Hee, so true on both counts.

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