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big happy family my arse

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[I liked it]I am getting more and more the feeling that the show is speaking more to a new audience; 'cause if I just caught the show by accident while flipping channels, I'd think this show looks pretty cool. But I'm not, I still think it's pretty cool, though I got my expectations, which, oddly, was met, almost.

Yeah, Sassy! Castiel and Sam are finally bounding, over their many mistakes, and understanding that ends never really justify the means. It's a lessen they have learned with a pretty heavy price tag. And because he had been an angel, Castiel didn't understand the concept of regret, until his human experience. This plot is kinda cheesy, but could work. I mean, I didn't roll my eyes at the sentiment; but went uh-huh, that's why they had Castiel be human for a while.

Sam's motivation keeps on being a mystery. I'm very dissatisfied.

Crowley has reverting back to his conniving scheming self, that's more like it.

Dean now bears the mark of Cain, pretty cool. Though parallel between the two sets of brothers is, well, anvil-ish. And Cain retied for a girl? Yeah, not cliche at all.