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big happy family my arse

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I think as of now, I am more interested in the idea of where the show is going, than engaged in the actual show.

1, Mrs. Tran continued to be a strong woman.
2, I really liked the interaction between Sam and her. Sidenote, 'cause I've seen this argument that show made Sam dumb to have Mrs. Tran opened the door. I don't think it was because it might took Sam a lot longer to get the door open, I think it was because when Mrs. Tran ask you for something, you don't question, you give. She is just that kind of person.
3, Kevin continued to be smart and capable. Took him a month to materialize. Kevin Tran, in AP.
4, They are so pretty on my screen!
5, Dean yelled for Kevin, and he sounded like "Gavin". I like that for some reason.
6, Sam's face when he delivered the news of the politician's foot fetish.

1, Why didn't they even try to exorcise the demon with basic needs?
2, Dean didn't realize Sam didn't mean it when he promised to "get over it".
3, Dean's man pain.

I like the idea of the angel story line, and it's shaping up to be a pretty good story. I just don't really care.