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big happy family my arse

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[I really liked it]I mean, it has all the flaws of the genre, that is, you cannot reexamine the plot without finding holes; but overall, I rather liked it. Oh, my show, you silly story with a heart of .... erh, anyway. Bullet points again

1, Sam drove baby, makes me happier than it should.
2, Crowley was... interesting, for he adopted the role of the mistress pretty much automatically, which made Dean the husband, which made Sam the wife, which made me happier than it should.
3, So, losing one's soul equals losing one's frontal lobe , sort of, in conclusion, in SPN universe, the human soul resides in the frontal lobe.
4, Josie was in a Catholic school, and had pent up anger against nuns.
5, Abadon, in which ever possessed body, was seriously Queen of Hell materials.
6, I'm pretty sure I've seen those jars somewhere before, they may or may not be containers for specimens.

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counteragent March 27th, 2014
That possessed nun was a fucking badass motherf'r. Awesome casting.

fourtenpm March 28th, 2014
yeah, they did good with minor characters!

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