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big happy family my arse

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Big_bang speed reading version

Life has taken a turn for the busy this year, only managed to read a few so far, here is the one-liner version of what I thought about them.

Roadsstarted off heavy and dark, ended at a better place than it started. I liked it that there were so much left unsaid and messy, between the brothers, they read true. Warning, abortion.

Garbage is a disturbing story about an abused kid whose world views weren't helped by people around him. Pretty dark story, writing is competent, very. Liked it very much.

Almost half way through I Stumble Forward. Liked the writing style, understated and very few adjectives and adverbs. A painful story, but looks like going to end up very hopeful too.

From a Forest of Bone and Blood is a really enjoyable fantasy fic.

Jared Padalecki and the Kinky College Adventure- A Choose Your Porn Story is a light-hearted and fun read.

Sunlight, Moonlight is a retelling of Miss Saigone, or so I was told, haven't seen that musical. Heartbreaking, and so sad. Warning, MAJOR character death.