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big happy family my arse

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Back to Civilization

I have internet back, at home, finally! I have read and liked some bigbang fics, in no particular order,

An Aura of Colored Sprinkles had wizzard, werewolves and dragons. Fun read, and very sad at times.

What's Done is Never Done is kind of a run for your life type of story. One part reminded me of the movie Enemy of the States, when Will Smith asked the old grumpy guy why did he blow up a building, the grumpy old guy replied "because you made a phone call!" The thing that I like the best of the fic, though, is that the author did not make Jared a competent accomplice to Jensen overnight, in fact, Jared fumbled, so badly; and in the end, he needed and did manage to get back to his normal life, which doesn't regularly happen in this kind of fic, but would make so much sense. Anyway, quite a good read.

Zero to Sixty is a great medical drama fic. The details of the medical treatment were stunning, I don't pretend to know the first thing about medicine, but it reads so true.

Row Charon Row had a very creepy monster and a ghost war ship, and a very surprising twist. The story could happen in any season, but was most likely in later ones. One solid case fic.

In other news, Red Like Blood in Veins of Blue has an updat and 3 timestamps posted. It has been a good weekend.

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walking_tornado July 14th, 2014
Thanks for the rec!

fourtenpm July 15th, 2014
i just realized that you wrote Octobra last year! I liked that one too! I will be friending you in ten seconds.

walking_tornado July 16th, 2014

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