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big happy family my arse

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Accidentally on Purpose

So, I had this ex-coworker, who had found greener pasture since, who took a surprise picture of me and printed it on a mug. Granted that the print on the mug was a collage of pictures of everybody in our group, except our boss, which was weird; and granted that I don't photograph well in surprise pictures... erh, I don't photograph well, period, but I'd have less bad pictures when prepared, which was besides the point. The point is, I hate that mug, am glad it is mostly in the bowel of our mug drawer.

Then this summer, we couldn't afford to send the offspring to a summer camp, and I can take him to work everyday, so he comes with me to work everyday, does twenty math problems and spends the rest of the day watching youtube, which is easy for me but so bad for him, but it's summer, and I'm just going to pretend that's his version of all the cartoons I've watched. Again, the point was that he found the mug, and the first thing out of his mouth, after confirming yeah, that was mom on the mug, was "why are you so fat?"

I am at peace with the way I look and the fact that I don't have the body type that I really really want, but still, this really made me want to accidentally totally on purpose break that mug.
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