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big happy family my arse

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Here is a Thought

So, lucifer twisted Lilith into the first demon, and he was the creator of all demons, sort of. How come Sam, after quite some time with him, retained his human soul? As opposed to be turned into a demon? Inspired by a conversation I saw on tumblr, and once again, I fail tumblr.

eta, I did not think that this is completely due to the strength of Sam's character, but rather think it's a thing with Lucifer and/or Michael, or rather their lack of interest in twisting Sam's soul of bright light into the black smoke thing. One thing that I have the most of respect for the SPN writer for was that they don't shy away from the logical consequences of their characters action, or actions done to the characters. (i.e. Dean started torturing other souls, and Sam starting to drink demon blood.)