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big happy family my arse

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10 Things to Love

Because it's going around on my flist

1, my kid made me pinkie promise him to love him forever and ever;

2, I made my kid to pinkie promise me that I can kiss him no matter how old he gets;

3, he is a good kid, most of the times;

4, the 4 o'clock that I planted in September are going to flower, they don't have much time, but look like they are gonna make it;

5, the rose that I thought was dead had come back to life;

6, cilantro is growing well, it's going to be the 3rd time that I harvest the leaves;

7, my hardy mums are sprouting new roots already, I wonder if maybe I shouldn't transplant them from pot to soil;

8, RBB has excellent artists and fic writers paired up;

9, Red like blood in veins of blue has a fascinating AU;

10, Jared being super pretty in one of the
[promotion pics.]