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big happy family my arse

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In Other News

My kid volunteered me to cook noodle for their class Thanksgiving feast, which I did late last night. I am not saying that I should get a medal for doing this, but I should get a medal for doing it. Anyways, I cooked and packed and sent the kid with the pack to his class. Then I remembered that I forgot to attach a note to say the things in the tupperwares are cucumbers, eggs and pickled veggies, so that, you know, if some kids are allergic to eggs, they know not to touch it. So I sent a message via ClassDojo to the teacher, then she wrote back saying all the noodles are gone. Beaming proudly. On the other hand, this probably means I'd have to cook for future events like this....

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chomaisky November 25th, 2014
Aw :)
My favourite way of cooking noodles so far is to make scrambled eggs and tomatoes, and dump them on noodles :)

fourtenpm November 25th, 2014
yeah, that would be my favourite too. However, my kid is weird in that he only wants plain noodle, I had to cook him a separate dish to go with his regular noodle. Besides, if there are 30 something kids involved, you never know who is allergic to what, it's really to play it safe.

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