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big happy family my arse

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10.9 now, was it?

First thing first, Sam's hair, it needs layers. Like the beginning of season 8, all layered and pretty.

I am not as annoyed as I would have been, given that I do not care about Castiel, Jimmy Novak and Claire. And I think the way they written off the mother was horrible. 'Cause from what little she was shown, she looked like the kind of women who would keep her house running and provide for her daughter even if the sky is falling all around them. I'd hand wave she gone crazy after all those demon possession, angle fighting demons, her actual husband was shot right in front of her, and her daughter become all this white light. But no, she had to go via the hippie route.

Anyways, that's besides the point. The point is.... I guess, they are circling back to the monster theme. Sam has been saying you can choose not to be a monster, which makes me as comfortable as Bobby talking to the boys, in the beginning section of an episode.

I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the way Dean recount the NYC story, Sam sat there smiling kind of wistfully, as if saying I did not have that kind of relationship with the man. He is the guy who've made peace with this aspect of his life. Dean, is still hero worshipping his dad. A little. I really liked how the two brothers played in the scene.

I also really liked the child prison work lady. She was professional, and looked like she tried her best to do right by those kids, while maintaining her efficiency.

Dean asking Castiel to smite him seriously reminded me of Sam in Playthings, asking Dean to end him if he turned dark. De_nugis has pointed out that that was a little brother putting his responsibility on other people, which surprised me but a point I've come to appreciate. Good thing though was that Dean knows Sam would stop Castiel, so finally, Sam seemed to have convinced Dean how much a brother he is. So there is that.

Don't really care about all the Hell business. Mildly wondering where it is going.

Anyways, spoiler looked interesting. Something to look forward to.