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big happy family my arse

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What's Love Got to Do with it?

Despite my annoyance with more Dean pain, my blood pressure shoots up after the show and adrenaline runs high, because Sam got in his fighting mode, he is going to pull them through this, HE IS, or so help me I WILL turn this car around. Errh, Show, please do not make empty promises, begging here.

Now, about their respective heaven, Sam's happy memories were about him on his own, by himself; Dean found it hard to swallow because they do not include him. The bit where Sam ditched them for Stanford hurt Dean the most, but Dean was being a dick. That was probably the first time Sam stood his ground firm enough and fought hard enough against John to get something he really wanted, when he walked out on them he had to have felt vindicated, liberated even, with loads of regrets. (But it is not like if he asked, Dean would have gone with him.) He waged a bitter battle, lost his family, and gained independence. Wanting independence, some breathing room on his own, has nothing to do with love. Love is not even a factor here, it would be the reason for the regrets and guilt, for causing his family pain. But if you deny someone something that is essential to the guy, in the name of love, it is blackmail at the very least. I like Scarecrow Dean better, when he respected Sam fighting for what he wanted. Now, that is what a mature person does. I always have this bone to pick with Dean for wanting what he thinks is the best for Sam as oppose to what Sam really wants. It is not the same thing, despite everything. Hmm, come to think of it, Dean is the worst stereotypical Jewish parent, laying guilt trap EVERYWHERE to get Sam to follow.

I really do not get how Dean can be so blind to the fact that whatever Sam did, since the Deal, he did it for Dean. He turned himself into a monster for the hope that there would be an after, for Dean. Man, Sam is probably the most self-loathing character ever, I am kindda glad that that dam never broke 'cause the flood is going to be biblical. Season 5 so far keeps on reminding me of one scene from Criss Angle is a Douche Bag, when they talked about getting old, or die young, sad or bloody. How resigned Dean was with that goofy smile on his face, and how crushed and determined Sam was that their lives shall not end sad or bloody. I really do not get how Dean do not see what his road side teary confessions did to Sam, how they fueled Sam's hatred for and mission of revenge to get Lilith, is he THAT wrapped up in his own head? I sure hope not.

Now, the show took Mary's love from Dean, whatever he lost, he had always had that, before. Now he was a burden to his own mother, which he was. But that doesn't mean Mary doesn't love him, unconditionally at that. Mary used to be a hunter, career woman of sort, yeah she wanted a normal life, but normal housewife life took tolls on people too. It is the meaninglessness of it all, and pettiness. Moms got frustrated, easier than most people, I should think, 'cause of sleep deprivation, and the fact that a little person relies on you for every single thing. I know I'd groan and bitch if daycare doesn't open, which doesn't mean I do not enjoy my baby. I just wish he was like 16 years older, and could do stuff on his own and leave me alone. In this sense Mary was wrong, it was not Dean, it was everybody else that needs moments excluding Dean; she was also right, it is Dean who really needs to, not only pretends to be comfortable in his own skin, to have fun on his own, to be able to be alone .

Dean is SUCH A GIRL to drop the amulet in the trash, oh now, Sam has to PROVE his love? like a knight in the shining armor, going after dragons to rescue his lady? hmmm, that is going to be a pretty picture, and I approve!

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dime_for_12 April 3rd, 2010
I guess I was just so...blah, about it because I didn't see where Sam was getting that geared up to fight. To me, it just seemed like the same ol' same ol', and had me debating whether I even wanted to continue watching this season. I think my growing unhappiness with Show is why what I write isn't very cana=on-compliant. Canon's an ass, and I just ignore the later seasons :D

And Dean's character and the Mary stuff...it's like he needs 24/7 reassurance that everyone loves him. I mean, he should've been able to take a step back (later, of course) and realize that hey, that Mary wasn't necessarily MOM, it was Zach's little game. Duh.

I don't know. Show better step it up a notch, for sure >:|

fourtenpm April 3rd, 2010
I know, I honestly think this season would have a much better watch in one chunk. Between hiatus, ad breaks and weekly waits, I always expect more, and the episode always seem shorter than it should be.

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