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big happy family my arse

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Shotgun Serenade has concluded with J and J coming together, and I never thought that I'd root for them to not come together, become an item. But I do, for this one. I think fan works like this is ruining me for published works. I mean, damn!

Also, I forgot how I stumble onto this gem, but it is a gem. And such a satisfying read! both of the heros are flawed, and their struggles are real. And their friends are real. It's funny and sweet and heartbreaking at times, but happy in the end. Funny thing though, at first I thought it was a Merlin fanfic, until some physical description just wouldn't work, I mean, Eames, broad shoulder? thick thighs? And of course I remembered Merlin's name wrong, and of course, this is an Inception fanfic.
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