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big happy family my arse

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a song

I have been a fan of Faye Wong since forever, and, in a way, I grew up listening to her singing. Not in a I was seven when this song was popular way, but rather in a whenever I hear this song, it reminds me of that defining moment of my life way.

Her voice is not as good as, say, back in 1997, but the way she sings, man, it just hits me in the guts.


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chomaisky February 11th, 2015
Somehow i missed her. But she's the goddess for most of my friends!

fourtenpm February 11th, 2015
Wha? kids nowadays still listen to her? there is hope! hihihihihi

I know I know, the hub cannot stand her... so, who is your favourite?

chomaisky February 11th, 2015
LOL they love her.
I might be a special case because I didn't touch pop music when other kids all did. They were crazy over her and 谢霆锋 and others. I guess it's partly because my parents were worried that pop music would distract me from studying and I tried to be a good kid for them. The first singer I fell in love with was Jay Chou when his big hits 简单爱,爱在西元前came out. At that time the other equally popular option was F4? But I didn't watch that show 流星花园 There was a huge debate on whether that show was bad for teenagers LOL... and I remember the show was taken down before it could finish?

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fourtenpm February 11th, 2015
Now I am feeling like proper old-timer, ha. Listened to one of Jay Chou's album, felt like the songs sounded all the same, never become a fan. I haven't watched any TV series since... early 90s, when I started to live on campus.

chomaisky February 11th, 2015
It's just different experiences and memories! I feel old seeing my classmates falling for Korean stars who all look the same to me!

fourtenpm February 11th, 2015
the word you are looking for is mature, not old.....

way back when, I am more into the rock scene than pop, that was quite a fun time, exciting and hopeful. now, I really sound like an old timer...

on the other hand, a lot of my friends, people my age, are fangirling Korean TV stars, so I usually think of that as a middle-aged thing instead of a girl thing....

chomaisky February 11th, 2015
That's some experience you had, because I really wish I could share the excitement or nostalgia when people talk about the good old days of rock and roll. I never developed a proper taste for rock music, and I can't say I love pop music, either. I need music when I draw and it ranges from pop to post rock. Just whatever floats my boat at a particular time.
Korean TV shows are taking over China. Even my mom's watched 来自星星的你... it's a nationwide fever! I think girls and women are all fingerling!

Edited at 2015-02-11 09:28 pm (UTC)

fourtenpm February 12th, 2015
Ah well, you should definitely check out 崔健 if nothing else. It's a spiritual experience. And the first album from 黑豹。and and 孤独的人是可耻的,an album by 张楚。

chomaisky February 12th, 2015
I'll definitely check them out! Thank you <3

fourtenpm February 13th, 2015
here, have a link to his 2006 concert, it's really fun, a good mix of his old and relatively new songs.

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