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big happy family my arse

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Hey, Look what I found on Youtube!

I am cackling like crazing over this. This is three theme songs of one old Hong Kong TV series cut to fit the Lord of the Ring and the Hobbits, the Legolas and Aragorn bit was gold. Someone on my flist, yeah, chomaisky am looking at you kiddo, will get a kick out of this. I think.

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chomaisky April 21st, 2015
LOL what happened to the TV show I watched with my grandma when I was six!!! Love that color tones of the TV shows back then! Awww memories...
Not sure if you have seen this super cute vid of Princess Jared! http://chomaisky.livejournal.com/48007.html#comments

fourtenpm April 21st, 2015
How did I miss that! Princess indeed!

yeah, that was good old times, all the actors are old guys now, and one of the lead actress has passed away for so long already.

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