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big happy family my arse

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work rant and Big_bang read of one

There is this female authority figure at my work, head of another department that is supportive to mine, who is making my working life so difficult. And man, this woman has broken so many of my principles already. I'd vowed never ever say stuff like "who did she sleep with to get the job", and I said that about her; I'd vowed never ever call another woman the b-word, but I've come really close and did not object when someone else did. And when a bunch of old white guys, well, one of them is an asian, but you know what I mean, scheming in the hall way to get rid of her, I cannot find it in me to feel the outrage. Sometimes, it's not people having problem with female authority; sometimes, it's the female authority having problems. Gahh!

The only big_bang that I've read (because my life is difficult and I needed the distraction) is this AU story of Sam and Dean, where Sam has become a FBI agent and Dean the head of trauma department in a hospital. The fic is titled "take me back", and I sincerely hope that Sam doesn't, take Dean back, that is, for the pure sake of self-preservation. The story is beautifully written, and has authentic Sam and Dean voices. Just that Dean has preciously little, and John even less, redeeming quality in this story. Do not read if you are turned off by these things.