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big happy family my arse

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Now that Logical Thinking Returned Somewhat

There are indeed two things that are kinda funny. 1, didn't they give Adam a hunter's funeral? Adam should be ashes, but, I guess Zach's boss got serious mojo. 2, Did they drive to van Guys, CA? From South Dakota? I thought Castiel Angel-transported them. It would make more sense if they went that way, I mean, all that time saved. But, since Dean gets constipated and cranky like my baby when he is, they might have driven. Or did they steal a car as a way back? or did the conversation happen in the Impala at all? I have to go back and check again. Anyway, it is kinda amusing to have the brothers finding so many old cars to hotwire; modern cars, I heard somewhere, cannot be stolen that way anymore, with all the computer chip thingy. I doubt half of the cars they supposedly have stolen/hot-wired into moving can pass the annual inspection any more.

Look at how fast Sam found Dean! They know each other disturbingly well. Sam is almost always more tuned to what other people would do; as oppose to Dean almost always convinced what other people should do. I think I finally figured out why Dean gets on my nerves really bad sometimes, he tries to run other people's lives, especially Sam. Most times, holding on too tight results in the exact opposite of desired outcome; it always always works better if there is a choice. Dean as the smothering type of parents finally might have learned. Sam knows when push comes to shove, Dean always makes the right choice. I am declaring my undying love for Sam, if it is not obvious yet.

And Dean winked! I do not remember he winked like that, before the battle went down, since Wendigo. geez. Man! He had my heart at the wink.

Kinda funny that the fake Adam was actually more approachable than the real thing, and this Adam is not thrilled about blood at all. John Winchester was a bastard after all, three boys, all his, with childhood memory ruined by their respective childhood.

The show makes me stupidly happy, I do not even have words to describe it.

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dime_for_12 April 16th, 2010

That is all ;DDDDDDDD

fourtenpm April 16th, 2010
I have to repeat to myself: I am an adult, this is a show. To be completely honest, I feel a little ashamed to be so affected by the show.

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