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big happy family my arse

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They did not just kill Gabriel! he is so fun, and on the people's side! Now the plan looks like a computer game, collect 4 rings, you got to win. There are how many eppisodes left? The preview for the next week is great though.

The end is absolutely gross, I so do not need that last 5 minutes!

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dime_for_12 April 23rd, 2010


But I know, poor Gabriel, I really liked him, so yeah - of course he was killed off :C

And, too, how hypocritical was Dean's "can't or won't" speech about Gabe killing his brother? After he was done with that spiel, I was just like, "well, Dean, would you?"

The end? I gagged my way through that. My eyes teared up. SPN does gross very well!

fourtenpm April 23rd, 2010
I know, I was like come on Dean, show some empathy to the guy. I like the idea though about Gab found the other gods his family too.

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