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big happy family my arse

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Dean kill me now

Hell of a Week

The baby got a weirdo ass virus this week, on top of an ear infection and a common cold. He's got blisters all over his tongue, on his inner cheek and throat. This is almost hand-foot-mouth disease symptom, except he did not have anything on his hands and feet. So probably not. The doctor perscribed pain killer and time. Understandably, he was cranky as hell. 'cause he was hungry and thirsty, but every swallow hurt. Which meant mom had to force fed him pain killer, waited for it to work, or not, then (force) fed him formula, so as to keep him hydrated and more or less not too hungry. (We are still at formula at 2 years old, I am not the most dedicated mother, at all.) He also was very tired and slept a lot, except that when he swallowed in sleep, he hurt and woke up crying. So the sleep was fitful at best. Somehow attaching himself to his mother seemed to make the pain go away, so for the past few days, I had been doubling as baby mattress. Man, this boy is heavy! No wonder now that I can finally get back into my pre-baby jeans, but my shirts always feel a bit tight around my shoulders and arms, I am getting un-defined mass of muscle from hauling the baby around.

When he was not sleeping, we watched TV. The program of choice, of course, was Teletubbies. After all these days of mind-numbing TV, I have to say, if I never see those chubby beings again, it would be too soon. I used to wonder what kind of psychos on earth would make the observation that the big purple tubbie, Twinky Winky is gay. Now I know, they are the bored out of skull parents who had to sit with their babies through this program! And I totally get why he is gay: he walks around with an orange purse, and collects songs in it. You cannot go gayer than that.

The day before yesterday, things started to look up. In that his cry was getting less throaty and louder. Yesterday morning, at 5, he woke me up and demanded a bottle. So I sleep-walked and got him a bottle. He suckled once, then threw the bottle at me and started crying, which happened a lot lately, 'cause hurt. I decided that the baby did not wake me up at this God-awful hour to NOT have a bottle. So I force fed him baby Motrin, then formula with a dropper. The trick to not have the baby spit out whatever I got in his mouth was to drip it onto his teeth, and/or squeeze his jaw so that he could not close his mouth. (yeah, I am definitely not winning the mother of the year award. Stone me, pls.) Last night, he managed his bottle with some maneuver and without throwing it at me, and he slept peacefully enough for me to watch most of the show. This morning he definitely did just fine by the bottle. So off he went to daycare, I am happy that he did not miss his picture day, he is happy that he is finally back to play with his little friends. His voice is not completely back yet, but other than that, good as new, good as new.

I think I have heard complaints about the brothers entangled with angels and demons, which made the show into the brothers and a bunch supernatural things against whoever. The writers took out Castiel and Zach (oh, I will mourn him, he is the next best big bad after Azazel), Anna in the earlier episode. Now that Gab is out of the picture, so that we got closure on the effect of Dean's speech, and back, really, to the brothers against angels and demons. So, now it is two insignificant little mud monkeys against the host of heaven and hell, sounds like plot line from Heaven and Hell. Only this time, the brothers won't let them fight it out. Or should they?

Oh, I will miss Gabriel, aka Loki, so so so much

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dime_for_12 April 23rd, 2010
Owie, sounds like your little guy has thrush, which is so very, very painful (I got it as a baby, too, and then around 10-11 because of antibiotics).

Thank goodness he's starting to feel better!

fourtenpm April 23rd, 2010
thank god and whoever up there that it is almost over. otherwise I am going to break.....

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