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big happy family my arse

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Pet Theory

If Freudian theory and common observations are anything to go by, when picking a wife guys look for women either exactly like their mothers or exactly opposite of their mothers.

Sam doesn't know his mother, his mother figure is, well, Dean. Given the relationship they have, Sam would be looking for a girl like pre-hell Dean, personality wise. She'd be fun, brave and a little bit brazen, and she'd be really warm and cuddly. Only difference would be that she is not afraid to show affection and to talk things out. This would be Jessica.

Dean, on the other hand, had been doted on by Mary, so he does have a mother image. But remember Mary was a hunter and more or less probably living a lie of normal housewife, this mother figure image could actually be plenty fake. Hence, Lisa became Dean's focal point of something to attach his feelings to.

I am trying very hard to reconcile myself with the idea of Dean and Lisa, so that I can watch 5x17 again, otherwise, I'd have one episode of the show that I hate too much to ever touch again.