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big happy family my arse

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The Devil You Know

This episode feels a bit choppy, because it filled in a lot of information. Brady, the devil Sam used to know, was snarky enough; Crowley, is a devious addition to team free-will. I am so glad Sam raised the point that it was wrong for him to believe Ruby, but all right for Dean to believe Crowley? It was not, but, the demon seriously might probably be on the Winchester's side. Well, I like him, he is manipulative and prissy, but he seems to want Lucifer gone. And Bobby! He is awesome!

And, oh Sam! 'An interesting theory', his comment on Brady's rant about he is living his hell. Might have touched on the truth, but he refused to let whatever being said to goad him into doing things he did not want to do. Being an adult sucks, big time; but that is being an adult.

I do not know how I feel about the the angels and demons just don't get it bit. It is cold fury, and radiating from the both of them. They are on the same page like never before, but I do not get where the confidence comes from. And it is not like they are bluffing, they looked like they can deliver whatever threats they've made. But How and Why should angels and demons be afraid of them? They do not get a lot of things going for them. Pondering.

So, two more weeks to collect the remaining two rings, and trap the devil in his cage again. Gonna be intense. This summer is going to be long no matter what.

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dime_for_12 April 30th, 2010
His name was Brady? Ugh, I knew I got it wrong *headdesk* Bad, bad memory!

I rather liked Crowley myself, although you [er, and Sam *g*] raised good points about one-sidedness that Dean's showing, althought part of that, too, can be understood {except, well, it's not like Crowley has a good record of helping the WinBros, since the only time before when he said he'd help, it didn't work). But, we'll see, I guess!

fourtenpm April 30th, 2010
I really like Crowley, 'cause he, like Bella, has his own agenda and doesn't exist for the sake of the brothers. (as much as I like them, I found it annoying that they are the center of the universe)

Come to think of it, they are a great couple, Bella and Crowley. Hmm, there should be fics about them.

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