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big happy family my arse

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So, it was Sammy's birthday, and apparently, to celebrate dear Sammy turning 28, fangirls at ohsam decided to host a birthday mememe. I read through the prompts, and came out laughing so hard. It really reads like oh, it is Sam's birthday, let's torture make him suffer!

I love fangirls!

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dime_for_12 May 3rd, 2010
well...to be fair, that is the motto of the community! :PPPPPP

Besides, who can resist hurt!Sam? Not me, for I am a weak, weak, fangirl ;D

fourtenpm May 3rd, 2010
well, I did say I love fangirls! and I do. I just found the whole thing funny.

I am not sure how Sam would feel about us fangirls/gals though, you know, last time there was miming blinding, and crucifixion...

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