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big happy family my arse

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Everybody Needs a Tara

I really really dislike Lisa the woman with a passion the first time she showed in season 3, the Kids are Alright. She is just too correct. I mean I won't offer the guy cookies for teaching my baby how to kick a bully into submission, but I'd never go and yell at the said guy either, especially there obviously was no other way that the baby was going to get the game back with intact dignity and/or self-respect. Of course it is not how people should deal with the situation, but if every thing that should have happened actually happened the way it should, and everything that shouldn't have happened did not happen the way it shouldn't, then we'd be living in world peace or something. So there. Then there is this bit where she told her friend how not to feel. I never deal with people who tell other people how (not) to feel. I do not need that kind of aggravation.

Then Lisa showed again in Dream a Little Dream of Me. That was a 'huh?' moment for me. I mean, where did THAT come from? Then there came the last 5 minutes of 999 Problems, where Dean ditched Sam to get to Lisa. It was really what? and WHAT?! (insult to injury, that is what!) When I stopped fuming long enough, I finally noticed the gaping inconsistency of Lisa the character, that was when I realized Lisa has morphed from Lisa the woman who is super correct to Lisa the character that represents the idea of a life Dean longs for. Figuratively speaking, Lisa has become for Dean what Tara was for Scarlet, a place to go back to when life was too much. However, Scarlet and Tara had a history, what Dean and Lisa had was a one weekend stand then couple days of adventure. Realistically, it will never work out. Of course, realistically, Lisa would not, most likely, have a vacant spot in her life for Dean to fit into. I mean women just do not wait around for a guy who may or may not show, and when the guy showed up with unbalanced psych, no sane woman would take the guy in. It is not like they know each other well enough for Lisa to trust Dean not to be some psycho with violent tendency who may just snap and ax murder everybody. So yeah, Lisa in this season is no longer a flesh and blood woman, but rather an idea; so I make my peace with it.

Now the question is how long will Lisa stick with Dean? If the show is going to be run by a guy the next season, I'd say as long as Dean needs a place to go back to. But it is Sera Gamble, so I imagine in a couple episode, Lisa would kick Dean out. It is no fun to play mother to the guy in a gal's life, especially since the gal already has a son. Besides, Dean is with Sam in all ways that matter, whether or not they've cross the line of physical doesn't even matter (I don't think they did, but it makes sense if they have; I am fine either way). Sam would always be #1 in Dean's life. If there is a woman who can and will take that from her significant other, I have yet to met her. As much as I dislike Lisa, I wish her someone that she can be correct with, not an emotionally drained wreck who has too little left in him to offer in the shape of Dean, however handsome he is. With Sam in the Pit, I believe Dean is really mostly dead on the inside (Note how he did not shed any tear?).

Last thing is about Sam, rather what I think about Sam, 'cause it is Sam standing under the lamppost looking in. I think the look is familiar, then I realized it is more or less the same look he gave Dean right before and when he was hugging Dean first episode of season 4, when Dean just got back from Hell. The look that says he did not think he'd see Dean again, ever, and still did not believe he was actually looking at Dean. Only this time he possibly is not going in for the hug which would make everything so much better.

Good thing BB posting date is coming, the summer won't be as long.

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dime_for_12 May 19th, 2010
I know; the whole Lisa arc was just kinda from left field. If anyone, shouldn't it have been Cassie, the so-called love of Dean's life, that he ran to? I was thinking 'well, it's Ben, more than it's Lisa that Dean's running toward.' You know, a nice, clean parallel what with Dean raising Sam, but doing it in a hunting world, and the maybe wanting to raise Ben, but maybe in the regular world.

I don't know - I made my peace with Lisa by...well, factoring her out of the equation completely! LOL

fourtenpm May 19th, 2010
scratching head, looks to me like factoring out is the universal method of making peace with Lisa....

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