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big happy family my arse

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I did not realize Big Bang posting starts today.
feeling like a kid in a candy store now.

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dime_for_12 June 8th, 2010
awww *pats you* :DDDDDD

no, I've been quietly freaking ever since the first post yesterday.


fourtenpm June 8th, 2010
hmm, you got like 10 more days to freak out. hey, I checked out your artist, she is good, I am as excited for her arts as much as your fic....

dime_for_12 June 8th, 2010
ahahahaha, dude, I have my art and it is beautiful stuff, I totally lucked out :D

(and I have about 6 days til my posting, actually :CCCC (the 14th) and I still don't have all my parts in beta, because I'm totally behind

woe is me *sobs*

fourtenpm June 8th, 2010
pat you. huh, you posting day is Flag Day, whatever that entails. and don't worry, everything will work out fine.

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