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big happy family my arse

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Dean pissed


I am just so pissed today. It is annoying to be working with a bunch of children who cannot keep their sh*t straight, and now I am to blame if THEY do not know where they (mis)placed their sh*t?! What the flying F*ck! And I have to be the adult and find their frigging stuff?! just because I am the responsible reliable one? I am so not paid enough to be dealing with this crap.

Yeah, so I am spoiled for a fight, and I found one. I am sorry for the gals who got it where I would usually just roll my eyes and go away, but it is not like they cannot fend for themselves, and my points stand. So I am not sorry about the whole thing.

And in the spirit of being mean, I finally get why some people post their review of work only in anonymous mode. I mean, if I am too stupid to appreciate a piece of real literature work, I'd be ashamed to attach my name, albeit an internet one, to what I have to say too.
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dime_for_12 June 15th, 2010
...ouch. I'm sorry you had such a bad day! :C

And, I think people are allowed to express their feelings about something, and even express them to the author, as long as it stays civil. Nonanon and anon like, I get both reasons why people do it.


fourtenpm June 16th, 2010
Well, I did manage to scare my coworkers and my boss a little too, sort of, and the stuff was found, NOT by me, so crap works out. It is just, infuriating.

And, I do not believe in the policy of 'if you do not have anthing good to say, then do not say anything', but I do firmly believe that if you do not want to attach you name to it, then you should definitely not say it.

Ah well, probably just me, kind of old fashioned and stuff, I am sure.

dime_for_12 June 16th, 2010
well, no, I see your point. And I'm usually like that in RL, but fandom - wow. I have encountered the epic dogpiles that one person just stating an opinion can create. It's...not pretty, and sometimes it's easier to say the point without having to deal with the drama (especially when we all have to deal with that kind of stuff in RL. Getting it two ways is freaking tiring! LOL).

I guess,with me, it's a fandom v. RL issue. I'm not saying it's an excuse to be callous and rude, but it's not a peeve of mine, either.

fourtenpm June 16th, 2010
Hmm, I do see your point, you know, I am not ashamed to admit that I frequent spnannon community bigbang thread, because I do and I just consumed a copious amount of wine (malbec, argentina, really good) so that I am even more shameless, there ARE great criticisms over there which makes me wonder why go anon. Then of course, all the drama!

I am usually pretty good at ignoring the unpleasantries in life, especially virtual ones, but, as I said, I was spoiled for a fight today and in the spirit of being mean. This is not the norm of how I behave, but, it is kind of all me.... now I am in a frenzy of introvert inspection, bit drunken one at that, sigh, why do I have to go to work coming sun-up? yeah, daycare and health insurance.

Adult life sucks, big time.

dime_for_12 June 16th, 2010
....and because you said "spnanon" I went over there. I have a thread for mine (as you probably know)...x_X

wow. But they had some good points (especially about my pairings. The slash was light, and I wanted to go gen and then parenthetically explain the pairings, but I was advised not to do that, and apparently I seriously pissed some people OFF Also, Frank as a Marty-Stu, but I was kind of expecting that one, tbh


fourtenpm June 16th, 2010
sorry that I mentioned that anon thing. But the pairing point is so not the point, of the fic anyways. If I rolled my eyes any harder, I'd go blind for the damage it caused, when I read the comments, that is.

dime_for_12 June 16th, 2010
ahahahaha, it's fine - I really shouldn't have went over there (I'm not upset - but my face does hurt a bit from cringing) - the mods at BB actually advised us not to go searching out anon comments on review comms, and what did I do? I went and searched them out!

Well - at least my fic is...infamous (or not, really, seeing as how almost every BB has a thread, so)

fourtenpm June 16th, 2010
sigh, the surest way of getting the kid to a place is to tell the said kid not to go there.

dime_for_12 June 16th, 2010
THIS. It's like saying "don't push the red button" >ugh<. I'm so predictable!

abrakadabrah June 15th, 2010
Yeah, so I am spoiled for a fight, and I found one. I am sorry for the gals who got it where I would usually just roll my eyes and go away, but it is not like they cannot fend for themselves, and my points stand. So I am not sorry about the whole thing.

Good for you. Given the thought police strictures that can predominate in LJ, and how everyone piles on, that was pretty brave.

fourtenpm June 16th, 2010
well yeah, pointing to 'my arse' part of my whatever....

And really, given the fact that everybody who got plenty indignant here on lj has to have internet access and the luxury of reading FANFICTIONS, I doubt how much those people would know what is really needed whereever, not that I pretend to know either.

And I am NOT sorry.

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