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big happy family my arse

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Happy Ending

Generally speaking, I do not read romance. I have read one book by Daniell Steele and laughed my ass off; stayed clear off the section of the library where the book covers feature barbarian looking men holding helpless women or whatever. That is, until I hit/got hit by fanfictions, and found my hidden love for romance of the gay variety. But still, I don't know if it is the average age of the writers or it is the genor, most romance ends with the two main characters find out that they love each other after all and walk out to sunset hand in hand, and supposedly live happily ever after.

But it rarely works that way, I mean stroll out into sunset. After sunset, there will be sun-up, with sun-up, life crushing in. Happily ever after soon get confused in fights about who-did-what-when, why-the-place-keeps-turning-into-a-pigsty-and-whose-fault-is-that,etc., etc.. Throw a baby and a few in-laws in the middle, you got your everyday sitcom, minus the kiss-and-make-up part a lot of times. So here I am, far far far away from parents and in-laws, I love them, but I cannot live with them in close proximity. So, yeah, my life is only half-sitcom, which is not all bad.

What is bad, though, is that I think I am having a close-to-midlife crisis. Usually people deal with that by investing in shiny red Porsche boxter or 911, or whatever is shiny and impractical on the road, 'cause hello, rush hour traffic jam is a way of life around here and it will be real sitcom material to fit a carseat into one of those shiny things. Of course that is besides the point, if I could have afforded a shiny thing like that, no way in heaven and hell I would not have got one. So, poor woman's way out of a funk in mood, fanfictions of young love, when everything is just budding. It is almost the online equivalent of the creepy gray haired guy sitting in the bench of the playground.

I so cannot wait until the day when it is possible logistically to go back to gym again. Kickboxing, if only the group excise kind, is a sure way of getting my aggression out of the system.