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big happy family my arse

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Big Bang Notes

Any Little Song That You Know Winchester AU. Action packed, fast-paced and good suspense.
a Theory of convergence J2, nice and sweet, perfect summer read.
Praise the Lord (and pass the ammunition) Winchester AU, post apocalypse. Seriously funny.
In Becoming who we are J2 AU. Good found love again fiction.
Kant's Dove Winchester Au. I like the writing, got a District 9 feeling, not that I watched the movie.
Dance while the sky crashes down WIncheseter AU. This one is going to haunt me for a while.
A spotlight on this desolate dreams J2. I don't quite like the arrogance, 'I do this better than you', but the narrative got the genor and a distinct feel of Hammet.
Grin and Bare It. J2. Really fun.
The NightporterJ2. Achy romance. The end remind me of the movie Force of Nature.
By all means, Rome J2. Summer romance, hopefully longer than a summer.
The Life and Times of Lois Lane J2. It is annoying if the spouse cannot hold onto a job, even the spouse is a super hero.
Things we cannot untie J2. It is actually not quite the story I imagined it to be when reading the summary. More in the vein of sci-fi of what happens if dictatorship is in place.
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dime_for_12 June 29th, 2010
huh. out of all of these, I think I have "a spotlight on these desolate dreams" saved to read (possibly because I don't read all that much RPF - although with this BigBang I have read more than usual).

and, aww, I made it on the list. you're so sweet ;D

fourtenpm June 29th, 2010
I am reading more J2 than Winchester nowadays, the Winchester ones are either too achy or I do not agree. I don't read non-AU J2 story though, it is just too weird, and bad karma.

sigh, as I said, urs are going to haunt me for a long while. So, at least I'd try my best to give other people a chance to be haunted. I am all for spread the misery.

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