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big happy family my arse

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Dean kill me now

Things You Learn

New born babies are pink crinkly ugly little things, looking more like aliens than anything. It takes being the immediate family to appreciate them being here, let alone proclaiming them beautiful. A month from the birth though, if you are the motherly type, you might be cooing down a baby that is still recovering from the shell-shock of being in this noisy bright world.

4 hours uninterrupted sleep with a colicky baby in the household? Well then, the baby is pretty much not colicky to start with.

Babies' eye color changes, unless the said baby is Asian or African. I once sit through this whole discussion speculating which color the baby would settle on for his eyes. So no, a baby most likely would not open his shocking green/hazel eyes to the world.

Would not have paid much attention to details like this pre-motherhood, but now, finding myself going all critics over this kind of details when read a fic featuring newborns.