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big happy family my arse

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As the parking spot close to work is pretty hard to come by, I was in a pretty good mood to got one right after I pulled out of the temporary parking zone for the daycare. There was this gal getting in her jeep, at my unvoiced question, she nodded and pulled out as I backed up a bit to give her room.

So, I parked, got out to check if the van was too close to the crosswalk. Then a car stopped, and the guy driving said to me: I will give you 10 bucks if you give me that spot. I said: I just got it. He said: yes. And said something more which I do not quite recall. What I remember was telling him to pray for better karma next time. He looked disappointed and said: ok, I just thought I'd offer. and drove off. So I turned off the engine and closed the window, taking the whole thing as a joke on a sunny and not yet disgusting summer morning. Then, on my way to work, it hit me that he was probably really offering me 10 bucks for the parking spot, 'cause he looked really really disappointed. Now I regret that I did not tell him how much a cheap asshole that 10 buck for your parking spot line sounded.

But still, was that a joke or was that a serious proposition for my parking spot?