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big happy family my arse

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Cross Road Blues

I have been slowly working my way through Supernatural, and of course Cross Road Blues is an important episode. It introduced the crossroad demon, and how to deal with demon. At that time, Dean was angry with John, for making a deal with the demon to bring him back to life. His words were harsh, to the husband who just could not watch his wife die and entered a deal with the demon. And that speech of Dean's made me mad at him. Because he knew all these stuff, he knew the loved one brought back by the deal would be wrecked, and he had the first hand experience of being wrecked by the deal made to brought him back. Yet, he pull the same crap on Sam. Yet he got disappointed/angry that the Sam he came back to life to is not the little brother he left behind. He used to be wrecked by the possibility of burying John and/or Sam; yet he doesn't seem to understand Sam was wrecked by actually burying him. Yeah, I am mad at Dean.