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big happy family my arse

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Big Bang Notes 3

Play It All Night Long Winchester AU. In that the Winchesters are regular people and there is nothing supernatural around. Turns out this is the only universe where Dean and Castiel works for me. For the record, the few Dean and Cas stories I have read in this universe are all pretty good.
Nowhere Between Heaven and Hell J2 AU. Jensen's kind doesn't do soulmate and Jarad's kind doesn't have a soul to mate, but they end up being soul mates, in the middle of intrigue, power struggle and a lot of actions.
Green Means Go J2 AU. Great chase and run fic, reminds me of Chain Reaction. And amnesic Jensen got named Dean Winchester after a TV character by a nurse or an EMS.
Bleed Out and Take Him In Winchester AU. Blood, literally, matters. Borrows a lot from cannon, and works, for me. AND happy, well, hopeful, ending.
Worlds More Full of Weeping A 12 year old Sam out looking for his family. He accidentally bumped into too many supernatural beings, if you ask me, but, a nice adventure story.
Coda J2 AU. I like it 'cause it has a lot of reality in it for a made up story. They broke up 'cause the issue was that they wanted fundamentally different things, but not misunderstanding or trivial stuff. And I remember Mathew Perry too.
Redemption J2 AU. Plotty and unfolding nicely. I like the first few parts better, when Jarad and Jensen were in it for what they wanted respectively, and definitely not for love. Once the story line takes on the Cinderella route, it kind of become the cliche it started out wasn't. That, and Jarad seems to get complacent too soon for as paranoid as he should have been.
We Drank a Thousand Times Winchester story. Dean found some comfort in his hard life. Reads like serious literature. Pretty hard to read in the sense that it makes me want to smash something. Like that pretty old country song, 500 miles, 'Lord I cann't go a-home, this a-way'. Same feeling of longing and loss.
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dime_for_12 July 23rd, 2010
I've actually stopped reading the BigBangs, now. I don't like reading a lot of J2, and the SPN aren't...doing it for me, I guess you could say.

I'm keeping my hopes up, though, the season's not over! (plus generation kill is keeping me plenty happy in fanfic, so :D )

fourtenpm July 23rd, 2010
So far, all these years, there are more J2 stories than SPN stories. I wonder why, not that I am complaining or anything.

SPN stories tend to be, well, depressing. That, and I am too opinionated to appreciate quite a few stories because I do not agree with the author's idea of the characters. That being said, I think there are a few good SPN stories so far.

And, now you are reading Generation Kill? hmm, have you come across fourfreedoms yet? I read one of her Winchester AU stories, in which they are soldiers. She is writing Generation Kill now. Should be good if her SPN stories are anything to go by.

dime_for_12 July 23rd, 2010
Yeah, I'm reading Gen Kill almost exclusively now (I'm catching the episodes online, now, and I'm loving it!).

As far as fourfreedoms - I'm reading just about all of her Gen Kill fic - they are absolutely amazing (as well as hackthis and shoshannagold among others :D )

As for the latter BB fics in the SPN genre - I started a few, but the slash came off as too - I don't know, maybe gentle or something (I like dark/unhappy/open-ended fic the best, obvs) and once it clanged wrong I had to stop reading, which is probably unfair to the authors, but *shrugs*

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