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big happy family my arse

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Stay Real

I read the pretty controversial Sincere friends of liberty has been rare and liked it. The controversy, of course, stems from subject matter, child abuse. That, and the events cannot have happened, because of the reality that is the US legal system regarding young offenders and laws. Honestly, the Jared and Jensen here in this story are pretty much just their names, that is how I read it anyways. This is a moot point, and I do not know why I am raising it. But I mostly just want to say it out loud, for reason unknown.

I know pretty much next to nothing about the US legal system, and do not really want to find out. But still I had my moments of disbelief when a 14 year old boy was put on a collar, that and one very rich man can manage something like that. If the story happened in a small town, owned pretty much by the said rich man, back a few decades ago, it would have been more believable. Nowadays? I cannot imagine the story could actually happen, despite my distrust of the authorities. Bottom line is that this is quite an impossible story setting that would probably, and I pray to who/whatever up there, never happen.

However, this story drew me in and got me emotionally invested in the characters, because all the actions/emotions ring true. Those characters move in this story according to their own personality/logic and that makes the story more real in a way than just sticking with the facts could not have accomplished. For a story to read real, it has to have this true emotional core. Like you can threw all the medical jargon in a story, and I still wouldn't believe the concerned, borderline panicking brother would got distracted from his sister's sickbed to pine for a hospital volunteer.

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dime_for_12 July 29th, 2010
I pretty much just looked at it as an AR - closely resembling the US now but with notable (obviously) differences, and that helped clear up the problem with 1) a 14 year old doing that kind of work, and 2) the collar.

Overall, I think it was a great emotional piece that was honest in the emotions and actions of the characters (plus it was really well written, too), so I have 0 complaints :D

fourtenpm July 29th, 2010
I do not even have a problem that the 14 year old got coerced into doing that kind of work. I mean, I doubt it that an FBI would have that much an influence, but, you know, it is a world where a boy could land in that kind of mess. So.

It is a great emotional piece, quite impossible, but it is still a great piece. Like Wuthering Height, Hithcliff is a character that would never be real, but he lives, for ever.

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