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big happy family my arse

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Big Bang Notes 4

I Know What a Prince and Lover Ought to Be J2 AU. For a make belief light-hearted kindoms politics fic, it is weirdly moving. Although they did spend way too much time looking for perfect white round pebbles.
Out of breath Art post. I am literally drooling.
Sincere Friends of Liberty Have Been Rare J2 AU. Subject matter is contraversial, but quite an emotional piece.
I am it J2 AU. In which they are dancers for Michael Jackson's last world tour. I like a J2 story where they are not only passionate about each other, but also something like their profession. The wording is short and choppy, which I guess is in tone with dance moves.
The RamblersJ2 AU. In which Jesen got so many issues that his issues got issues. I actually hate this kind of personality, however, I finished this story and cannot say I hate it. It is written like an artsy movie, a lot of things are left unsaid, but just artsy enough so that it still maintains a solid plot. I'd say there is more style than substance in this one, but, sometimes good style and ok plot is good enough. And of course the illustration inserted helped, a lot, the style.
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dime_for_12 August 1st, 2010
I actually started reading "I Am It" but I couldn't finish it. Don't get me wrong, the author is a great writer (I thought), but something (maybe the characterizations or the tone/ambience) about the fic just didn't jive with me. I loved all the music, though, and downloaded ALL of it :DDDDDD

And, ahahahahaha, ...they did spend way too much time looking for perfect white round pebbles.

That's hilarious. Love it! *snerk*

fourtenpm August 1st, 2010
They did!

My issue with romance is that I'd like to see professional people in love rather than lover birds who happen to have a profession.

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