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big happy family my arse

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Note to Self

Stop buying the baby cars, trucks, fire engines, trains, planes, etc. Or at least limit the number to 1/month, or more realistically, 1/week.

I don't have will power.

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dime_for_12 August 2nd, 2010
ahahaha, don't worry - I don't think anyone has willpower when it comes to kid toys. I know my family VOWS to quit buying all the toys with sounds and songs and flashing lights, but somehow we manage to fill up the house with them anyway. Over and over and over ...

fourtenpm August 2nd, 2010
Oh God, THOSE toys! Daddy would go crazy and mommy would go postal, so no, the baby is not having those.

But cars... he watched the Cars like 6 times over the 2 day span since we got him the movie, so yeah, we are going to have a truckload (haha) of more cars.

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