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big happy family my arse

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Lisa, among all the Supernatural women, is the one I dislike the most, well, truth be told, I cannot stand that woman. She is just too stuck up and thought she knows all the right answer in the whole world. Particularly hate the way she cut off her friend, the one with the creepy baby daughter, and not even thought of asking her exactly what she meant. And of course when she realised something was seriously wrong, it was too late. And for the records, Ben is totally Dean's kid.

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dime_for_12 January 14th, 2010
I've gotta say, I never really gave Lisa that much thought, you know? Even the Ben plot never was a major thing for me, you know? I took it as an episode built for laughs and nothing else ('ahahaha, Dean has a kid...not. Moving on!').

So, yeah, she didn't stick in my craw as much as some of the other characters did - Bella, primarily, because her story was so played out it wasn't even shocking. Or pitiable. Surprisingly, I liked season 3 Ruby (not so much with the season 4 version, though) and was sad to see her go.

But, I see your point - the woman was a total flake.

fourtenpm January 14th, 2010
I am re-watching from season one, have to say play it on a big TV is way better than on my laptop... I remember the kids are VERY creepy, from the last time I watched it; I just forgot how annoying Lisa is. The worst supernatural woman, except her, just made me feel like hmmm, ok, she just grates me enough that I actually have to write something about how annoyed I am.

I actually like Bella, a lot. She is fun in a soulless way, her sob story, though, is completely unnecessary. I mean, cannot a girl be heartless just because she is heartless? I like season 3 Ruby too, and I am actually sad that in the end, Ruby was using Sam.

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